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No Stir Tomato & Turmeric ‘Golden’ Risotto

It’s just started pouring rain and I sit here tapping away at my phone with a sleeping toddler in my arms. It’s our first sugar free Easter. I’ve been daydreaming up some raw chocolate Easter egg ideas for this weekend. Inspired by this AMAZING one, that has been popping up all over my social media […]


Ultimate Banana Blueberry Wholemeal Pikelets

I tell you what. These miraculously fluffy, blueberry studded, banana sweetened pikelets (or small pancakes to anyone outside of Australia & NZ) have saved my quitting sugar sanity! I talk about how we are quitting sugar a little differently here. Starting the day with some fruit topped mini pancakes and a big drizzle of maple […]

Different types of sugar

We Quit Sugar (differently): Week 1 & 2

Is this lethargy the result of quitting sugar or still just from early mornings being woken by a toddler? One week in and it was hard to tell. It can be really difficult to adjust your expectation of seeing immediate results. I read that quitting sugar will dramatically improve your energy levels – I’d like […]


Creamy Cauliflower and Spinach Dahl

Now, let’s get this ball rolling with a simple & quick dinner. Creamy, coconut-y, kid friendly Cauliflower & Spinach Dahl. It’s a big batch recipe, so I always have enough leftovers for Mike’s lunch and to freeze for a second meal. When I have those awkward leftover amounts, ie too small for a main meal, […]


Becoming A Low Sugar Family

It all started on a Sunday morning after watching That Sugar Film.     After contracting my first EVER hideously awful gastro bug, a few months prior, I was already on a discovery around creating better health and wellness for my family. After analysing my childhood diet to figure out why I had such a […]