Hello! I’m Rosie. Welcome to Slowly We Gather. I’m here to write about my little family, our journey to living a more simplified life and to share our favourite real food recipes.

Making, and even thinking about, food is my happy place. I’ve been blessed with a child who eats almost anything. She won’t let me make a meal without watching on and asking a bunch of questions about ingredients and cooking times.

Four years ago I met my partner, an Englishman who was a guest in the backpacker hostel where I worked. We moved from Melbourne to my home, the Blue Mountains in NSW, and a little over a year later our daughter came along. After a few years of missing Melbourne, we found our way back to the north side of this amazing city.

I spent my early 20’s travelling the world, killing a few too many brain cells and devouring local food wherever I went. As a beautiful result, the food that I make now has no specific influences, I draw inspiration from all around the globe.

Whilst not strictly vegetarian or vegan, we do not consume animal products mindlessly. We will include either chicken or seafood in a meal every few weeks. We try to eat a seasonally as possible, consuming a variety of vegetables & fruits, whole grains, fermented foods, good fats, and not too much sugar. We cut out refined sugar from our diets almost two years ago and now if a sweet tooth needs satisfying we mostly use honey or maple syrup to fulfill that need (which is what any of my sweet recipes use as sweeteners.

I believe in the enjoyment of food. Food is here to nourish our bodies and connect our lives. Food should not be reduced to a number of nutrients and therefore be “good or bad” for your body. Genetically we all have different needs and I believe that finding our way to a diet that serves your body and mind should not be as complicated as it’s made to be. It’s actually deliciously simple.

A little about my recipes

The recipes I share on the blog are all vegetarian or vegan. To sweeten a recipe I use maple syrup, honey and occasionally rice malt syrup. Occasionally I will use eggs, always local, organic, free range eggs, and the recipe will have been tested using chia eggs so you can interchange. I mostly use everyday ingredients and if I make something with an expensive/exotic ingredient I will try to make it non-essential to the recipe. A few of my favourite ingredients are tahini, pumpkin, blueberries, maple syrup, oats, almonds & cauliflower. My recipes are all toddler-friendly, you’d be amazed what they will eat if food is celebrated and they are involved in the process. I love experimenting with food so if you have any recipe requests that you would like to be made sugar free, higher in whole grains, veganised etc then let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

Thank you for stopping by. Please say hello in the comments and share food journey with us.




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