date chocolate & pecan oat bars – vegan

Okay. Full disclosure. Up until about two weeks ago, I’d never heard of an oat bar before. They’re just not a thing we do in Australia. Are they just an American thang? 💁🏽

Oats are a fairly new romance for me. We’ve known each other our whole lives but the relationship really started to blossom in the last few years! Crunchy golden granola, thick luscious overnight oats, cinnamon ‘butter bomb’ porridge with stewed apples!! I’m so glad we found each other at last.




Alright. Let’s talk about these super easy, a little bit messy, gooey chocolate filled, crunchy topped and chewy bottomed oat bars. Phew, I need to take a breath….

And then shove a delicious chunk of oat bar in my mouth.



We love these addictive oat bars on cooler spring or autumn days, when it’s not quite porridge weather and not quite smoothie weather. They’re vegan, free from refined sugars and can be gluten free if you make sure your ingredients are gluten free. How great is that??

Try them as a brekkie snack on your way to work or pack them for the kidlets school lunches. They’ll bring a big ol’ smile to anyone’s face, I promise.


Rosie x


Recipe adapted from Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen.


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